4 days away

by Jen Lee Reeves on August 8, 2005 · 1 comment

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The ultrasound is coming. I’m looking forward to meeting Jordan or Kian… That’s our girl or boy name. Jordan for a girl or Kian for a boy.

We went to a Bruce Springsteen concert this past weekend. It was strange to feel the music reverberate in my belly. It was strange and I’m sure the baby was rocking. Near the end of the the show, we got up really close to watch and MAN did things shake. I can’t feel mega kicks yet, but I think I felt wiggles from time to time.

This won’t be our last show. In the next month, we are going to a concert or two in Columbia. And Randy and I plan to go to a music festival in Austin, Texas. This baby will really know how to dance!

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