Pumpkin patch!!

by Jen Lee Reeves on October 17, 2008 · 1 comment

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Jordan had a great time on her very first field trip with her school. She and her friends were SO excited in the process of getting there that by the time the crowd made it to the farm, they were all exhausted!

I think the main excitement was just the fact they got out and about. It was a little chilly and Jordan had to wear tights — the first time she’s worn tights in almost a year. She kept asking me to take off her socks… They were on too high. Hopefully she’ll get over that since she owns a ton of tights (she doesn’t know that but she does).

Jordan had occupational therapy on Thursday and Friday. Her therapist and I are pretty excited about the positive attitude Jordan has with her prosthetic these days. It doesn’t do everything we want it to do… but she was using it to turn pages of a book and play with play-dough this week. That’s really cool to see her “getting it.” I’ve noticed that I’ve been Jordan’s “hold this stuff” person. If she wants to hold more than one thing, she just hands one of those things to me. I don’t think about it. Until recently. I realized I’m her extra hand… So I’m working on making sure she has little bags around the house so she can throw extra stuff in there and carry them around. Thank you Target for those little one dollar Hello Kitty canvas bags! Jordan thinks she’s super cool with the bag and is starting to remember to use it. It’s all about coming up with solutions!

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twin power mommy October 20, 2008 at 7:05 pm

how handy!
i love those pics of her. That jacket looks so cozy, she looks like she’s enjoying herself…how fun.

I DO love fall! still waiting for cooler weather here, today it was 82

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