A very princess 3rd birthday

by Jen Lee Reeves on December 29, 2008 · 6 comments

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Jordan had the ultimate princess experience for her birthday… Along with getting sweet and fun princess accessories (a crown and a wand) she also got to get her hair done at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom. It’s as girly as it gets. Little girls come in and can pick the style of hair they want. It’s super cute and silly. To add to the silly, my mom bought Jordan the fluffiest, prettiest possible princess dress and Cinderella shoes for her birthday.

I know. It’s silly. But to add to the fun, Jordan got to have her birthday dinner at a character dinner with all of the main characters from Cinderella – including Prince Charming, Cinderella and the evil step-mother and step-sisters. Jordan ATE it up. The combination of a girly dinner event and the fluffy dress made her so happy. And to build on that happiness, Jordan fell for Prince Charming. She kicked off her “glass” slippers and the prince kindly put a shoe back on for her (picture can be seen in the scrapbook pages above). He even invited her to dance with him after he danced with Cinderella. She was smitten. You can alao see a little bit of that happiness by watching this moment from her birthday celebration at dinner (You’ll also see this moment in the big Disney video compilation I’m working on):

Will I ever be able to match a birthday like this? Probably not, but I also don’t expect this love of princesses to last forever. She got to absorb the pure fun of it all at a young age… You know, the age when it’s still okay to be a princess without seeming stuck up! The experience is all she’s talks about – especially “her castle” (you know, Cinderella’s castle is now Jordan’s castle) and the prince.

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Student of Life January 2, 2009 at 7:12 pm

So sweet. What a fantastic way to celebrate a fantastic little princess.

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