Oldest vs. Youngest

by Jen Lee Reeves on September 3, 2010 · 1 comment

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Jordan is super upset she’s the youngest child in our household. To make matters worse, most of her good friends are twins or older siblings in their respective households. Yesterday, another wonderful family we know who has a super sweet daughter welcomed another little one into their home… And that means another sweet friend of Jordan’s is suddenly an older sister.

It’s going to drive Jordan mad.

She has asked me many times when she is going to be an older sister. I continuously let her know that it’s not happening. The next time a new baby arrives in our family will be when she or her brother get married and have a baby. (Mind you, I always remind her that she should get married first. I’m trying folks. I’m trying.) So instead of getting a younger sibling, Jordan has spent a lot of time lately with her dolls. She tells them how she’s the big sister and the doll is the little sister. She loves bossing the baby around and giving her love. I’m pretty sure that’s how she’d handle a real baby as well.

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Laura September 4, 2010 at 8:46 am

I know just how Jordan feels, I’m the youngest by 6 years in my family and my sisters tortured me. To make matters worse, all my friends were either the oldest or only children and had no such problems. What really helped me with this was getting to spend time with those friends with younger siblings and getting to pretend they were mine. Once I got older I also baby-sat a lot, some of my regular clients became like younger siblings and it was great.

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