Best. Birthday. Ever!

by Jen Lee Reeves on December 30, 2011 · 3 comments

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Birthdays are awesome. I love them. That’s why I tend to make a big production out of them. Jordan’s been lucky to spend three out of six of her birthdays at Disney World. Each time she’s had a chance to dress up like a princess and celebrate. But until yesterday, she’d never had a traditional birthday party at our house. She had never held a birthday fundraiser before. We’ve never brought our online and in-person world together on one day before. The result? An awesome day… And we raised:
¬†$2,355! Jordan had a blast at her party. We are both amazed and touched by the outpouring of ¬†support you gave to Camp No Limits. Our fundraiser was an attempt to raise enough money for two more kids to attend camp next summer and you helped us raise enough for SIX. That’s huge. I know a six-year-old who is very excited and exhausted from an awesome day.

Our Winter the Dolphin party was super fun. The kids started the party watching the Dolphin Tale movie. They ate a ton of popcorn and pretzels (and ocean jello) and I even let them drink fruit punch in little cups with a straw. (Allowing kids to drink in my living room is rare!) They didn’t stay in the room through the entire movie. I offered the kids other non-movie watching activities in case they felt the need for distractions.

They watched most of it. But the thrill of playing in Jordan’s room to wear princess dressed, making dolphin necklaces and coloring dolphin pages were too much fun.

The cake was also a huge success. Our favorite cake decorator made one with a really cool depiction of Winter:
I have a thing where I hide the cake from the birthday kid so they don’t see it until we sing happy birthday. I had posted a picture of the cake on Facebook ahead of time and one of the kids at the party saw the picture before Jordan. It was kind of funny to hear one girl announce she knew about the cake before Jordan did.
After gift opening and a bit more playing in Jordan’s room, the party was complete. Jordan had a blast and her eight friends were fabulous.

Even more fabulous? You! Thank you for supporting Camp No Limits and helping Jordan feel incredibly proud of the accomplishment of raising so much money for our favorite non-profit. Camp is so special to us and the amazing number of people who pitched in to let us know it’s special to them too is just incredible.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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