Mentors Mean the World at Camp No Limits

by Jen Lee Reeves on December 20, 2013 · 1 comment

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We’re counting down the top ten reasons why Camp No Limits is special and worth a donation as Jordan counts down to her birthday on December 29th. Today, we’re going to share another great reason. Number nine is…

Mentors! Jordan is blessed to have attended Camp No Limits Missouri since she was three-years-old. Since then, two of the older girls who attended the camp, Lizzie and Ally, have taken Jordan under their wings to offer support and cheer her on. Others have joined them over the years to mentor Jordan. I feel incredibly lucky to have a local county program fund Jordan and I for camp. And that’s why we try so hard to raise money so other kids can have the opportunity to meet older kids with limb differences. What’s even more special? Jordan is turning into a mentor herself. She’s offering support to the younger kids. It’s so great to see. Your donation will help make that possible! We’re less than $100 away from sending a third child to camp! Please help spread the word. (Did I mention it’s a tax deduction?) The Born Just Right community is awesome.

Speaking of awesome… I have one other sweet story. Last night, Jordan and Cameron were writing thank-you letters to their teachers to give as gifts before we start Winter Break. Jordan was so excited to write letters, she decided to write one to her class. She made sure to write a rough draft. I took a picture before I had fully edited the piece. But one sentence really stands out:

“Dear classmates,
Thank you for 1) Being my friend. 2) NOT making fun of my arm. 3) Just hanging out with me. You are good people.”

Oh my goodness.

In the end, she skipped #2. She decided she didn’t have to thank her class. She already told them they are good people.

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Cassie C December 20, 2013 at 11:48 pm

That Thankyou letter is adorable! I’m glad you’re raising her to do polite things, like write Thankyou letters. So many people fail to teach their kids those basic manners these days, it’s nice to see.

Did that package ever arrive safely?

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