Continuing to Support the Survivors of the Boston Bombings

by Jen Lee Reeves on April 21, 2014 · 2 comments

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Today, runners from around the world will show how the Boston Marathon can continue even after last year’s terrible bombing near the finish line. The terrible attack killed three people, injured 275 people and left 16 people in need of prosthetics to keep moving. National organizations really stepped up and offered help to those in need after a horrible situation.

A year later, many of the bombing survivors are still working their way back into living typical lives… those with and without prosthetics. The Boston Globe reports how recovery is slow and difficult for so many people. I’ve followed a handful of organizations as they’ve offered support to the new amputees and I’d love to share some updates.

Challenged Athletes Foundation
Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) immediately mobilized to offer support for the victims of the bombing. The organization provides grants for adaptive devices that help physically disabled people get active. It has provided support and access to prosthetics for the victims. It continues to fundraise for the Boston bombing victims and for thousands of others. If you ever need inspiration, just follow the stories the organization shares on its Facebook page. CAF has 50 fundraising runners in the Boston Marathon today. Also, anyone who wants to help raise money for the organization can use the Nike+ running app on their phone, add #strongereveryrun in the run notes. Nike will donate $1 for every mile run on April 21st. (I ran five miles this morning!) If you are interested in helping with the CAF Boston Strong fundraiser, click here to donate. Here’s a look at how the organization is making a difference:

Wiggle Your Toes
The Founder of Wiggle Your Toes reached out to victims of the Boston bombing immediately. As a double above-knee amputee himself, Aaron Holm understands what it’s like to recover from a traumatic experience. The organization if offering emotional and financial support to the Boston victims. It also continues to raise money for others in need of support. If you can support the organization, here’s a link to their donation page. Check out how the organization is help support Jeff Bauman, who lost both legs above the knee from the bombing.

Amputee Coalition
Support after an amputation can be so important. Heck, I appreciated support as a parent of a limb different child. The Amputee Coalition is organized to help coordinate support for traumatic amputees. The organization’s Boston-based amputee mentors visited the bombing victims while they were in area hospitals. The support made an impact and a number of the Boston survivors are now mentors to other amputees. Listening to Adrianne Haslet-Davis talk about the support she is given and reading how Heather Abbott is offering support is truly inspiring. I’m so glad the Amputee Coalition makes it easier for traumatic amputees find help. (I need to continue working with the organization to help make it a better system to offer support to families of congenital differences as well.) There are so many ways to give to the Amputee Coalition, here’s a list of ways.

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Raelyn April 23, 2014 at 10:39 am

Many–if not most–of the Boston Bombings survivors are such inspirations!! They’re re-learning how to walk. Couples have exchanged vows. Mothers with severed limbs are optimistically bringing new precious life into this world. I have not read about any cases of deep, dark depression or suicides. Such inspirations. 😉
Love you later, Raelyn

Jen Lee Reeves April 23, 2014 at 10:02 pm

You’re the best, Raelyn, as always!

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