Regrouping and Regaining a Voice

by Jen Lee Reeves on November 23, 2016 · 0 comments

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beautiful sunsetBorn Just Right is a constant in our lives. I started writing this site in May of 2005. But for the first time in a long time, I’ve felt quiet. I’m full of thoughts and things to write, but I’ve had so many things in my brain, I kind of shut down.

This year has roared by as Jordan and I jumped feet first into the world of inclusive design and the maker health world. Jordan is finding her own voice trying to encourage more physical differences included with mainstream toys, and I’m supporting her as she learns to design and speak on her own. At the same time, I’ve learned a lot as a parent and as an advocate. I also have a full-time job that needed me to travel a lot more than in years past. I also committed myself to working as a Disney Parks Moms Panelist this year. While juggling all of these wonderful roles this year, my Born Just Right writing voice got quieter. I promise I have so many things to share.

I’m looking toward 2017 already. Jordan and I have big plans for Born Just Right. We recently incorporated as a non-profit in the state of Missouri and I am working on the paperwork to submit our 501(c)3 to the federal government. I am SO excited to develop more ways for kids to not only participate in the evolution of inclusive design but to gain the skills it takes to communicate design needs and changes. It’s a skill Jordan continues to learn and it’s┬áso fun to watch. She and I want to make sure more kids get the same experience.

As I build out a new non-profit, Jordan and I aren’t going to stop supporting other organizations we help each year. She’s planning out her big Camp No Limits birthday fundraiser for another year. I will also continue to give my time and donations to Challenged Athletes Foundation, Enable Community Foundation, and Nubability Athletics. We’ve also had a chance to get to know KIDmob this year. It’s a really wonderful organization.

The new Born Just Right wants to build this amazing community and make a bigger impact. I promise to keep you up to date. I also have a lot of lessons learned this year that I haven’t written about. I want to report out about how we’re building a new round of prosthetics, how Jordan is working on a new campaign as a Girl Scout to get more physical differences included in mainstream toys, and I learned a lot about working with inclusive design teams and how I can better support my kid with opportunities that present themselves. We’ve also had fun as Jordan has really figured out distance running and continues to kick butt at CrossFit. I have also learned to help Jordan work on her design skills by setting up weekly design time just like we try to set up time for her to practice piano.

I’m regrouping and getting ready to share my voice again. Thanks for your patience as I piece together an amazing next step for Born Just Right.

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