Helping People Who are “Different”

by Jen Lee Reeves on February 1, 2017 · 1 comment

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I have never focused on politics in my Born Just Right world. I have shared the challenges and concerns I have with the process of building prosthetics and detailed how we’ve worked through services that support Jordan and kids like her. I shared moments about Jordan’s three-year-old reaction to when Barack Obama became president. I haven’t shared much about how we are working our way into the new administration.

As I mentioned right after election night, Jordan was very concerned about people who are “different” under the new administration. It’s been a constant conversation with her since now-President Trump became a candidate. She may be a child, but she has heard Trump’s statements and she has watched his television persona for a long time before running for president.

Each of us may have varying definitions of what “different” means. For Jordan, it’s vast. When she heard about a new Executive Order that prevents vetted Syrian refugees from coming into the United States and a travel ban for seven predominantly-Muslim countries, she wanted to help. So, we bought some poster board, markers, and yellow flowers to support our local Muslim community at an area rally. Jordan made signs that said “You Belong” and “We Are All Equal.” In the middle of the event, she asked me to help her make one more sign: “I’m Different. So What?”

Our rally moved to the local Islamic Community Center to leave yellow flowers at the doorstep – a sign of friendship. We were able to see some of our friends who are a part of the Muslim community. We saw many others with all kinds of different backgrounds and life experiences.

We left the rally with Jordan asking a lot of questions. She made sure I understood she is still worried. And she wants to help. I promised her I will continue to support her and I will help others as best I can. We started encouraging our neighbors to add a sign to our yards so others in town who we may not know feel welcomed. Jordan says she wants to help me distribute them to the various people who ordered the signs. (I have more than 50 to distribute!)

I want to help Jordan continue to share her positive outlook in life. She works so hard to show how a difference doesn’t stop her. I know she’s taking the feelings she has about her life as a different kid and she wants to help others not feel uncomfortable or sad.

I built Born Just Right to celebrate differences. And if needed, I will speak louder to help people who are considered “different.”

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Cathy February 10, 2017 at 9:47 am

More power to you and Jordan!!!!!

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