Public Speaking to Hundreds of Kids

February 2, 2017

Through the years, Jordan has had opportunities to speak to college classes, basketball teams, community organizations, and even do live interviews. But she’s never talked to more than 50 or 60 people at one time (other than Maker Faire last May). Sure, there are bigger audiences when she’s talked to journalists. But you can’t see […]

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Helping People Who are “Different”

February 1, 2017

I have never focused on politics in my Born Just Right world. I have shared the challenges and concerns I have with the process of building prosthetics and detailed how we’ve worked through services that support Jordan and kids like her. I shared moments about Jordan’s three-year-old reaction to when Barack Obama became president. I […]

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Innovation Featured on Fast Company

January 24, 2017

The sensation behind Jordan’s sparkle-shooting prosthetic started with a simple article in Fast Company about ten months ago. Since then, Jordan’s work on collaborating between new design concepts and traditional ideas led to her new prosthetic mashup between traditional and 3D printed attachments for her new elbow arm. Today, Fast Company published a new follow-up to Jordan’s […]

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Introducing a Completely New Prosthetic Design

January 18, 2017

Jordan is exhausted after a full day of sharing her invention story to the media during Kid Inventors Day at NYU’s MakerSpace. She had a chance to spray glitter live on Good Morning New York and so many other members of the media, young and old. But there was one brand new reveal that I […]

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Sharing Project Unicorn at #KidInventorsDay

January 13, 2017

Jordan is VERY excited to get the chance to tell her story of becoming an inventor during a Kid Inventors Day event on Tuesday in New York City! She and two other awesome kid inventors are gathering at NYU’s new maker space to tell their stories. By the way, Kid Inventors Day is on January […]

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A VIP Ultimate Day of Thrills Experience at Walt Disney World Resort

January 10, 2017

One of the amazing opportunities that fell into our lap emerged after Jordan’s special Dream Big, Princess Innovator Award during the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration: We were gifted two free tickets to a VIP experience at Walt Disney World Resort. We also had a chance to get a small discount to add additional people […]

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A New Year After an Epic Adventure

January 9, 2017

2016 was one big adventure for Jordan. And she wrapped it up on a two-week epic level after I put together a two-week land and sea Disney trip that I will never be able to match again. First, our family had a chance to travel to Walt Disney World Resort and enjoy six nights at […]

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Sharing a KIDmob story

December 8, 2016

This year was full of amazing twists and turns for Jordan and it has a lot to do because of her experience with the Superhero Cyborg camp through an organization called KIDmob. Jordan got her first taste of designing with KIDmob at the beginning of this year. KIDmob Co-Founder, Kate Ganim, pushed hard for us […]

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Wrapping up my Disney Parks Moms Panel gig

December 2, 2016

Imagine you have an opportunity of a lifetime that not only gives you a chance to work closely with one of your favorite brands but it comes with a pile of new wonderful friends. That’s what happened when I was offered the chance to be a Disney Parks Moms Panelist this year. I’m just wrapping […]

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A New Way to Build Prosthetics

December 1, 2016

Even though Jordan and I had huge adventures in our first 24 hours in Chicago, the real reason we visited the city was to kick off the building process for a new prosthetic arm after she grew out of her newest one less than a year after we built one the summer of 2015. It’s […]

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Renegade Visit to American Girl Store

November 29, 2016

A couple of months ago, Jordan and I had a super quick visit to Chicago to hold a design meet-up and spend a day building Jordan’s next round of prosthetics. Before we got down to the business, Jordan and I had a goal: To take her newly upgraded limb different American Girl doll to a store […]

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Birthday Fundraising for Camp No Limits

November 28, 2016

For so many kids, summer camp is the best part of the year. There’s a chance to see friends and families, enjoy swimming, join in on activities… For Jordan, her camp experience also includes occupational and physical therapies, life skills, mentoring and emotional support. That’s just some of the special things that happen at Camp […]

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Expanded reasons for thanks

November 24, 2016

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the United States and it gives me an awesome excuse to be thankful for so many things this year. The World of Inclusive Design This year, we got to know some remarkable people involved in the world of inclusive design. From Kate Ganim at KIDmob who convinced me to bring Jordan […]

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Regrouping and Regaining a Voice

November 23, 2016

Born Just Right is a constant in our lives. I started writing this site in May of 2005. But for the first time in a long time, I’ve felt quiet. I’m full of thoughts and things to write, but I’ve had so many things in my brain, I kind of shut down. This year has […]

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Celebrating differences in a political sea of anger

November 9, 2016

For the majority of my life, I worked as a journalist or when I was younger, I planned to become a journalist. I never talked politics in public and I never talked about who I supported in an election. This was the first time I’ve ever talked about it openly. As with a lot of my […]

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